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Inquire about stock vineyard footage, (see # 8, below), many hours available

in Standard Def, or have your own custom video shot on High Def, (# 2, 5, 6).

1)      Three min, Demo reel, clips from feature films, commercials and music videos

2)      Three min, Napa grape Harvest

3)      Three min, RAI Uno, Italian TV celebrity interviews, LA.

4)      Five min, Complete segment, Napa Valley Wine Train, Wine Television

5)      Three min,  El Salvador organic coffee and cacao plantation.

6)      Two min, Wine Crush, Martin Rey Winery, Sonoma County

7)      Five min, Complete segment, Orchard Hotel, San Francisco, Wine Television

8)      30 Sec spot, produced by Comcast, entirely from Vineyard Video stock footage.

9)      Three min Dutch Barge For  Sale video

10)      Adobe Road Winery, two minute harvest & crush, 2012

1) Three minute Director of Photography demo reel, clips from feature films, commercials and music videos.

2) Three minute moody, evocative video of Napa grape crush, shot at Cliff Vineyard, Atlas Peak,  Napa, 2009.

3) Celebrity interviews shot for RAI Uno, Italian TV, includes President Reagan, Stallone, Kevin Costner and others. Also filmed, though not on this selection,  Mel Gibson, Meg Ryan, Mickey Rourke and a number of other Hollywood celebrities. Three min.

4)  Filmed for Wine TV the international travel, food and wine program, the Napa Valley Wine Train. Experience a unique meal and wine while enjoying the lovely scenery of the Napa Valley. 5 Min.

5)  Scenes of the people and area of The Plantation of Angels, Finca Los Angeles, an organic coffee and cacao, (chocolate), plantation in El Salvador. View the overhead shade trees protecting the coffee and cacao, and the water collection cisterns, one with bullet holes from the occupation during the civil war 15 years ago. Three min.

6)  Two min fun snappy video on the 2009 Crush at Martin Ray Angeline Winery in Santa Rosa, CA set to music from Mozart's Marriage of Figaro.

7)  The Orchard Hotel, filmed for Wine TV, features this very special boutique hotel in San Francisco. Five min.

8)  Vineyard Video stock footage was used exclusively to

make this 30 sec commercial produced by Comcast

9)     48’ Dutch Canal Barge, for sale, Sausalito, CA.

3 min video requested by sellers, shot and produced by Stuart Kiehl

10) Adobe Road Winery, 2 min, Harvest & Crush